Code of Conduct

At Stairways Music School we value our strong relationship with all that attend whether they be parents, guardians, carers, visitors or staff and acknowledge that by working together this helps us to achieve the very best for our students.

This Code of Conduct will outline the standards expected for all participants and will set clear expectations on behaviour and attitudes that should be experienced by all that attend our school so that we can create a safe environment where everyone feels respected, appreciated and valued. 

For our Students, they are reminded to;

  • Take responsibility for your own behaviour
  • Be respectful and polite at all times
  • To listen to and carry out your tutors instructions 
  • Cooperate with others
  • Be friendly, helpful and encouraging towards others 
  • Be patient and tolerant of others
  • To not participate in any bullying type behaviour or behaviour that could cause offence or intimidation towards others (See Anti-bullying Policy)
  • To always talk to your music tutor if there is something that is worrying you

As a family run music school we highly value Parental Engagement and support and encourage both staff and parents, guardians and carers to work together for the benefit of their children

At Stairways Music School parents, Guardians, carers, and visitors are reminded;

  • That approaching Stairways staff for help to resolve any issue is done in an appropriate manner
  • That all members of our music school community are treated with respect using appropriate language and behaviour
  • To correct their child’s actions especially where it could lead to conflict, aggressive or unsafe behaviour – both on and off the school premises

In order to support a peaceful and safe school environment Stairways Music School will not tolerate parents, carers or visitors exhibiting the following:

  • Disruptive behaviour which interferes or threatens to interfere with any of the school’s operation or activities anywhere on the school premises
  • Any inappropriate behaviour on the school premises
  • Any kind of physical abuse
  • Using offensive language or displaying intimidating behaviour
  • Threatening, in any way, a member of school staff, visitor, fellow parent/carer or student
  • Physical intimidation (e.g. by standing very close to him/her or the use of aggressive hand gestures)
  • Damaging or destroying school property
  • Sending abusive or threatening/aggressive emails or text/voicemail/phone messages or other written communications to anyone within the school community
  • Any kind of insult as an attempt to demean, embarrass or undermine
  • Defamatory, offensive or derogatory comments regarding Stairways Music School or any of Stairways Music School’s students/parents/carers or staff on social media
  • Approaching a student in order to discuss or chastise them because of an incident involving their own child and the student

Should any of the above occur on Stairways Music School premises the school may feel it necessary to take action by contacting the appropriate authorities and/or consider banning the offending adult from entering the school’s premises.

The school’s approach to dealing with incidents

If a parent/carer/visitor behaves in an unacceptable way towards a member of the school community, appropriate senior members of staff will assess the level of risk before deciding on a future course of action. The course of action will be reasonable and commensurate with the assessed level of risk.

Risk Assessment

The Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)  Mr John Bushell, Mrs Lungi Bushell will carry out a risk assessment in order to help make a decision about the level of response. In all cases the response will be reasonable and proportionate.  

Thank you for abiding by this Code of Conduct statement for Stairways Music School.