Terms of Business

Stairways Music School is a standard, licensed, accredited and well-equipped music school located within Burlington community centre/Church in the centre of Ipswich which provides space large enough to contain up to 400 people seated (including the balcony) and has a full PA sound system and lighting. 

Stairways Music School is a fun social hour's music school where kids, teens, and adults can learn how to play a wide range of musical instruments in a fulfilled and creative atmosphere that provides ease to learn and allows our students to practice and experience playing live performances at an affordable fee.

Stairways Music School offers standard and professional music instruments training as well as vocal training in a highly secured and conducive learning environment for all our students. 

Stairways Music School will ensure that we work hard to meet and surpass all of our students’ expectations as it relates to their goals of enrolling or engaging our services. 

Our music school facility will be well equipped and consists of a main hall with stage as well as several rooms for session playing and practice and a wide range of music instruments e.g., Guitars, Bass Guitars, drum kits, Keyboards, music accessories and vocal coaching. We will also run a one – stop music store within the same facility where our students and family members can purchase authentic musical related accessories and merchandise bespoke to Stairways music school. There will also be refreshments on sale from the kitchen for all attendees and adult parents, carers and guardians will be welcome to attend and view their children's progress from the gallery above the main hall.

At Stairways Music School, our students’ overall best interests always come first.

We have hired professional and licensed coaches, and instructors to work with our students and our core strength will lie in the power of our team; our workforce, who are considered experts in the music school industry. A team with excellent qualifications and robust experience in professional musical instruments trainings and practices.

We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards by meeting our students’ needs precisely and completely. 

We hope to open branches of our music school in other key cities in England and also to possibly sell franchise in the nearest future.

 Our Products and Services

Stairways Music School offers varieties of musical instruments trainings and related services within the scope of the music school industry. Our intention of starting our music school is to engage our children and young people to enjoy learning music in a fun and exciting environment where they can meet others with the same passions and learn how to perform to a live audience. 

All Instruments for our school have been provided by both our sponsors 'Fender' (The Fender Musical Instruments Corporation is an American manufacturer of instruments and amplifiers) and 'Roland' (Roland Corporation is a Japanese manufacturer of electronic musical instruments, electronic equipment, and software) and are all top of the range and brand new!

 Our Mission and Vision Statement

  • Our vision is to build a highly competitive and effective music school that will become the number one choice for young people and adults alike from all social and ethnic backgrounds who have a love of all thing's music, therefore building confidence whilst having fun and feel Epic!
  • Our mission is to provide affordable professional and highly effective music training and services to a wide range of young people and adults that cuts across different divides.
  • Our overall business goal is to position Stairways Music school to become one of the leading music schools in the area – brand in the industry in England within the first 5 years of fully running the business.
Why choose Stairways Music School?
We are a family run business that has experience within the music industry. We hope to nurture raw talent and provide our students with the forum to be the best versions of themselves. To have fun, make friends and gain confidence through the power of music. We hope to Inspire and in return, be inspired by our students. To be the outlet for their individuality and celebrate their achievements. Let's start their EPIC adventure!

Quarterly Showcase 
The quarterly showcase is a none compulsory opportunity for students to invite their friends and family to watch them perform. This will be a ticketed event to help cover the cost of the venue and facilities. All students will be expect to wear Stairways branded clothing for the showcase unifying the students. If its not possible for a student to obtain a branded item of clothing please contact one of the team to assist.